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Let us show you the forest from the trees.

The market for wood products is growing as the world recognizes the benefits of using this renewable and cost effective material. Independent sawmills are focused on producing first-rate softwood products, but the logistics of selling those products at an international level can be daunting.

That’s where we come in.

Experience above and beyond the forest

From yields to sizing, logistics, transportation, documentation and identifying ideal end partnerships – there is no aspect of the exporting process that is not deeply understood by our team.

We’ve worked in every position in the softwood lumber industry. From harvesting and milling to marketing. Our experience allows us to take a comprehensive approach to forest product trade. Aspire works directly with manufacturers, transportation companies, and purchasers to trade and distribute high-quality wood products internationally.


One move away from the global market

The forest industry is progressive and global needs are constantly changing. The demand for high quality, sustainable wood products is strong and only expanding. It’s essential to work with a brokerage that understands this market and knows how to procure the appropriate species, grade and cut of lumber.

At Aspire, we boast an enviable combination: years of experience in softwood lumber production and exceptional international customer service skills. Each transaction is tailored to the requirements and specifications of all parties involved.

With our reliable and diverse supply chain, we strive to find the best solution for our client.