Aspire Industries sources from suppliers who provide us with high quality products and practice sustainable harvesting. When it comes to accessibility and choice we pride ourselves on delivering what our clients are looking for in an efficient manner be it SPF, Fir, Hemlock, or Cedar.

Aspire operates from the port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia – the closest port connecting North America with Asia.

We also supply the materials used in the Access Matting Industry. Whether it be the 2×8 matting stock or the carriage bolts used in the 3-ply access mat we have you covered. We have several carriage bolt manufacturers we work with directly enabling us to quickly source whatever your unique requirements are. We carry stock of the carriage bolts in BC to ensure the best customer service possible.

Pacific Western Hemlock/Fir:


British Columbia’s coastal forests and wet belt boast an abundance of Western Hem/Fir. The Hemlock can grow 30-50 metres tall (100-165 feet). The composition and strength of the mixture make it an ideal lumber for horizontal building and building over long spans of area. It is used in a broad spectrum of industries such as general construction and millwork. With its unique sap-free and strong nail-holding characteristic it makes a great option for the packaging industry. Also it is the choice product used in industrial applications such as access matting, crane matting, bridge timbers etc.

Western Red Cedar:


British Columbia’s pride and joy. Aspire is proud to offer Western Red Cedar to its global clientele. These trees grow up to 60 meters (180 feet) tall. The wood is straight grained, tight knotted and has an appealing aroma. It is resistant to decay and insects making it ideal for outdoor projects, furniture, finishing, decking and fencing.

Spruce, Pine, Fir:

Spruce, Pine, Fir, the staple species of commodity lumber. These three coniferous trees have similar properties making them an ideal combination for all builders and contractors. The SPF strength to weight ratio is high and the cut lumber has relatively small, tight knots. Aspire offers a number of grades options to give our clientele the exact specifications they desire.

Access & Crane Mat Bolts:

We have partnered with several over-sea manufacturers who provide us with quality 3/8” Carriage Bolts and Serrated Wide Flange Nuts for the 3-ply access matting industry and also the larger crane mat bolts. From inhouse quality control on-site at the factory to hands-on management of logistics for real-time management of freight delays, we strive for the best customer service to our valued clients in Canada and the USA. Our dedicated team and manufacturing allow us to be highly customizable to fit your exact needs. We also carry stock in BC and are able to setup and manage inventory supply programs to make your supply chain as easy as possible.

Oak and Mixed Hardwoods:

We provide Oak lumber and timbers as well as other mixed dense hardwoods for industries such hardwood flooring, rail ties, crane mats, laminated 3-ply mats, and other hardwood products.

Hardwood Access Mats:

We provide Oak and Mixed Hardwood 3-ply laminated mats, timber mats, dig mats, and crane mats for the access industry. Hardwoods have great rot resistant qualities and a very dense structure to withstand extreme use and have a considerably longer lifespan compared to softwood mats. We can build to your exact specifications. With our network of rail and rail to truck reloads, we can deliver effectively anywhere in North America.